A train to Rajshahi: A city of silk

As its mid summer, the day temperature is nether extreme hot nor too cold. Another advantage of the season is magnificent look with deep blue sky and wet lands with water and boat. Flashing rain and bright sun is also visible by turns. The season is perfect for a daylong drive specially for tourists who searches such weather and can earn a little time for tour.

A outer space opportunity waits for you, if the journey is made by train towards western part of the country, it will be fantastic, cheap and with full of romance!

So why making delay. Hurry up ! Chalk up a schedule for a brief train tour to Silk City Rajshahi. Eventually, a train named Silk City is ready to carry you from Dhaka to Rajshahi.

Enjoy on train :

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule.

The train journey is very much enjoyable through Rajshahi-Dhaka route as the natural beauty attracts visitor. Through the journey you can touch airport station, Joydevpur, Tangail, largest bridge Jamuna and largest beel (wetland) cholonbeel in Sirajganj, Natore and finally reach one of the old towns Rajshahi at the Indian bordering areas.

Through the rhythm of wind, frequent whistle of trains feel a different taste of moment and you can watch a live Bangladesh at a glance. Side by side on the running train, you can imagine the pulse of life like a cradle.

The train journey can open up to you a movie window for watch scenic views of small and big rivers, iron bridge, small village bazaar, muddy path, grazing of cattle in the vast filed, swarm of birds on the sky, deep forest at Gazipur, localities, different types of people and their life style.

The train journey would never make you bore as it takes several breaks in different big junction and on the bank of river Jamuna. Side by side arrangement of instant tea, coffee, soft drinks, sandwich, chicken fry, French Fry, burger, cakes are also available at a cheap rate on the buffet of the running train.

If you do not want to touch fast food, you have alternative fresh food like banana, green guava and cucumber, nuts and such seasonal fruits on the train.

Songs of different mode like romance, patriotic song and folk are also be played through the micro phone of your compartments as well as whole train. Through the announcement system, you will be notified of the destination of train and information for passengers who have to ready to get down from train.

The greater advantage of traveling by train is toilet system while on the highway journey you have no scope to avail it!

At the middle of journey the train will take a halt for around 20 minutes near Jamuna bridge railway station where you can get down from train and take a big breath from fresh air of river Jamuna as well as you can notice the structural view of country’s biggest Jamuna multipurpose bridge on which train and bus are plying together on the mighty river Jamuna.

Here the Silk City train takes a break as the security forces scan all the compartments to ensure the security of the train to go ahead on the bridge.

Train timing:

From Dhaka Komlapur railway station the inter city Silk City train leaves for Rajshahi, a divisional headquarter of western zone of Bangladesh, at 2.40 pm and arrives Rajshahi Railway station at around 9.00 pm.

The six hour journey by train at the weekend, it must able to wipe up your work monotony. After departure from the train, you can see a gentle, neat and clean town where you can never notice a minute traffic jam, honking of vehicles, any dust and even crowd of people like capital Dhaka.

Your mind will say to reach the hotel or residence of relative by walking as the city footpath or lanes are free from goods and suitable for walk. Beside a number of taxi, rickshaw and city bikes called e-bike ( electric battery-run bike) are also available in the railways station to carry you at a cheap rate accordingly it creates a small pollution!

Travel cost:

If you want to travel on a normal business class compartment, you have to pay Tk only 165 for a ticket. In this compartment, you have to face a frequent rush of passengers. Better you can reserve a air conditioned seat at Tk 334 only. If you like to the trip with family members, you can reserve a cabin on the train with cheap rate.

Night spend at Rajshahi:

Before you start for Rajshahi, you can reserve room at any residential hotel near railway station. The motel of porjatan corporation also available here though it is little bit away from railway station.

Better you can make a surprise visit to residence of your relatives or friends in Rajshahi city.

Discover Rajshahi city:

On the following morning, you can start your day to visit the ancient city called education city. During British rules, the city was made specially with different types of educational institutions.

Here you will find the country’s second largest Rajshahi University, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Medical college, leather technology institution, nursing institute, polytechnic institute, ancient Barendra Research Museum, institute of health technology etc. Beside you can visit Zia theme park, Zoo, T-groin, I-groin, city protection embankment beside the mighty river Padma that flows on the south part of the city.

If you can not earn several days holiday, you would not be able to cover the city sites and even the Barindra Research Museum. You can make trip to Puthia Jaminder Bari, Natore Uttara Ganabhabon, Sonamasjid Landport at Chapainawabganj, Paharpur Buddah Bihar etc.

Why Rajshahi called Silk City!

Beside you can visit the country owned largest silk factory near the railway station. It is not dream that at a time, the fashion loving kings and queens of different countries had used silk cloths which they collects from Rajshahi.

The silk industry has a glorious history. During British regime, Rajshahi city had got international popularity because of its superfine silk cloth like Mosline cloth of China.

At a time the luxurious silk cloth had huge international demand but due to severe competition, the industry has lost its market. Even now you have scope to collect the traditional silk Saries, Panjabi and other type of cloth from showroom of silk factory in Rajshahi.

How to return

The silk city however, starts from Rajshahi every morning at 7.30 pm and arrives in Dhaka at around 1.30 pm. Beside Padma Intercity Express train leaves Rajshahi at 4.00 pm and arrives Dhaka at around 10.00 pm and Dhumketu Intercity Express also leaves from Rajshahi at around 12.00 am and arrives in Dhaka at around 6.00 am. You have freedom of choice to which train you like to avail.

Do not forget to carry !

You should carry travel bag, digital camera with battery charger, mini umbrella, fast aid box, some dried food and money as you need. Beside, if you can carry a guitar or flute it will add an additional dimension of the journey. If you cannot play guitar or flute you can easily carry music player or laptop.

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