Tekerghat : where life revolves around Limestone

Bangladesh is not enriched with mineral resources. However abundance of few minerals in some regions is seen. Tekerghat is one of these regions. This place is a natural reservoir of limestone.

The limestone reserve is situated at the midst of beautiful surroundings. The hills nearby are all covered with different familiar and unfamiliar plants. The lower grounds between the hills comprise haors. Like other haors the water level increases tremendously during rainy season here. In winter the water in this wetland decreases much. When you go on top of the hills here you will be able to experience the glorious scenic beauty of the surrounding.

The natural beauty of this region is although similar to most other places of Sunamganj, has a different tone of beauty. It is mainly because of the people living here. The variety in the lifestyle of Tekerghat’s inhabitants makes this place really an interesting one.

Limestone is one of the very important ingredients of cement production. Its natural abundance in Tekerghat has lead to the establishment of lime acquiring setup here. The process is very engrossing. But more than that the effect of this limestone industry on the local people’s life seem more fascinating. The local people have a different lifestyle that completely revolves around this industry. If you get close to their way of living it will really be an amazing experience for you.

Borochora at Tekerghat is the center of coal import business. Every year coal worth some millions gets inside Bangladesh border legally through the land port from the nearby areas of India. Coal collection process of the tribal people on the other side of the hills of tekerghat is also very interesting. You can go and visit these tribal people crossing the India-Bangladesh border with permission from proper authority.

Travelling :

During rainy season waterway is the most convenient means of travelling to Tekerghat. It has direct link from town’s Shaheb bari ghat. You can either take a speed boat or an engine boat. A speed boat will take only 2 hours time and cost about 7,500-8,000 tk to reach your destination. While engine boats take about 5hours time costing 2,000 to 2,500 tk. In summer you will need both boat and motorcycle or car to go to Tekerghat. Motorcycle rent from Kheya ghat is usually around 300 tk.


There is not much accommodation facility available near the lime acquiring site. In fact the only known facility is the rest house of the lime crushing unit. This is a government rest house and you need to book your room prior to visiting the place.

Tekerghat Lime crushing unit has affected the life of the local people living in this region. To know their lifestyle more closely you have no other option than to visit the place for yourself. So what are you waiting for the next vacation most probably right?

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