Tanguar Haor : Unique itself (part – II)

Tanguar haor exhibits a unique wetland ecosystem. Realizing its importance in national and global environmental perspective some steps have been taken to preserve it.

It has been declared as the Ecologically Critical area in 1999 by the Bangladesh Government. It has been marked as a ramsar site under the Ramsar convention of 2000.But all these protective measures will result into failure if we do not become conscious about restoring it and its wildlife.


Your modes of travel will depend on the time you choose to travel the haor. During dry season many of the wetland dries up. If you go there in summer, first you have to take a boat from Sunamganj town’s Shaheb bari ghat and reach the other side. From there the next destination is Sripur bazaar or Damper bazaar. It will take about 2 hours to reach there by motorcycle or car and may cost about 200 taka. From Damper bazaar boats are available for taking a ride through the Tanguar haor. These boats usually cost in between 300-400 taka.

If you are interested to visit Tanguar haor in the rainy season. It is even easier. You can reach Tanguar Haor directly from town ghat (Shaheb bari ghat) either by engine boat or speed boat. Engine boat takes 5 hours to take you to the haor and costs about 2500 taka. While it only takes 2 hours in speed boat with a higher cost which is about 8000 taka.


For night stay there is a government rest house, 3kms away from the haor. It is a rest house of the tekerghat lime crushing unit. You need to book your room in advance. No other known accommodation facility is available there.

When should you visit:

You can visit Tanguar haor at any time. But different seasons adorn this haor area with different beauty. In rainy season the whole area turns into a sea.
If you are a fan of boat journeys then monsoon is the time you should visit tanguar haor. In dry season, however, much of the area dries up. The scenic beauty of the place doesn’t decrease at all because of these events instead these changes add another degree of uniqueness to tanguar haor.

Tanguar haor is not only a magnificent place where you can peep into the nature closely but also experience the lifestyle of various animals, birds and fishes. Such an amazing place is hard to find out nowadays in any corner of the world.

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