The Historical Pocha Dighi & Ghora Dighi

These two ponds have a historical and religious importance to the villagers. There is a story with the pond that I came to know when personally I reached there. There are some crocodiles in the pond, which never do harm to their visitors even if you touch them.

So many people used to come everyday in a way to make their wish fulfilled. As a result they used to give so many gifts. The belief of them is so high with that. I came to know that this is not just prejudice. So many wish have already been fulfilled.

There used be a fair in almost everyday. You can get different types of items from there. The area will get so much attraction because of these things.

The both ponds are very much interesting in a point of view that these ponds were dug so many years ago but still they are just like as it were many years ago.

The summer still can’t dry it all together. I think you must visit the place.

Getting In:

Bagerhat district is bounded by Gopalganj District and Narail District on the north, The Bay of Bengal on the south, Gopalganj District, Pirojpur District and Barguna District on the east and Khulna District on the west.

Main rivers of the district are Panguchi, Daratana, Madhumati River, Pasur River, Haringhata, Mongla River, Baleswar, Bangra and Goshairkhali. You can go to there from Dhaka using bus. It is almost 430km away from the main town of Dhaka.

Not only that you can also go to there by using plane. The plane will land in Jessore. Then from there you can take a transport & then make a trip to Bagerhat. Not only that you can also go there from Rajshahi, Khulna. From Khulna you have to make a very short trip but if you are going from Rajshahi then there is a huge journey ahead of you. But when you will reach there seeing the beauty you will forget all your sufferings that sure.

After you reach there you have to make a short trip to reach there. But don’t be tensed there is always accommodation for this. So you don’t have to be panic.

As this is one of the most touring places of the district so there have been many hotels in the area. So you don’t have to work so hard to get a hotel. The hotel management is very good here. You can get different types of hotels here. If you want less priced hotel then you will get it & if you want good hotels then there is also no problem. Some of the hotels name is included here-

Hote Disha at Main road, Bagerhat.

Hotel Star at Main road.

The food management is also very good. You can get different types of food items there. It won’t be a great problem to find a suitable restaurant for you to eat. The foods are also very delicious. You can get foods also from the resident hotel where you are staying. I think to taste different food items of different restaurant will be a good idea. I am telling from my prospective view that you will enjoy the food.

The transportation medium in the town is Rickshaw. You can also get van there. The quantity of this type of transportation medium is high in the city. So you don’t have to wait to get that. The rent of them is also not that high so with cheap rate you can travel a bit.

The area will give you a lot of pleasure. You will not feel to leave the city. Believe me it will remove the monotonous type of life & will give you a fresh life.

So I think it will good not to delay & make a trip there as soon as possible & make you feel lot better than you were feeling before visiting the place.

Shat Gambuj Mosque: world Heritage site as a historical beautiful mosque

Sixty dome mosque is one of the oldest mosques, built in 1459 with amazing architectural structure is situated here in Bagerhat.

For it’s glorious history and beauty UN has declared it as world heritage site.

It is a Tughlaq styled mosque. Khan Jahan Ali was the architect and general contractor of this historical mosque. It is the largest historical mosque in Bangladesh. It is also one of the most impressive place on the Indian Subcontinent.

Khan Jahan Ali was a great and famous muslim saint. He was the local ruler of Khalifabad (present Bagerhat). He was an officer of Bengal Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah. Khan Jahan Ali built a Muslim colony in this locality and built many structures for the well service for the people. He made water tanks, mosques etc. Shat Gambuj Mosque is his greatest creation which is now a world Heritage site.

Sultanate mosque, Shat Gambuj Mosque was also used for ruling the area and used as a court too.

The mosque is situated on the eastern bank of the Ghora Dighi. It is about 3 miles far from the main town of Bagerhat.

The name Shat Gambuj Masjid means a mosque with sixty domes. But actually the mosque has 77 squat domes with 7 four sided pitched Bengali domes in the middle row. There are 11 arched doors on east and 7 each on north and south. The mosque is divided into 7 longitudinal aisles. There are 11 deep bays of stone columns. The wall of the mosque is 6 feet thick and the internal space is 160 feet into 108 feet. The full mosque is built by red burn mud or bricks.

The mosque is constructed in 1449 with terracotta decoration. Around the doors you can see beautiful design. Inside of the mosque the walls are designed by former muslim cultural tradition. The full mosque is a wonderfull archeological beauty which is the signature of 15th century.

Now there is a picnic spot beside the mosque area around the historical Ghora Dighi.

There is an old decorated boundary wall around the mosque yard. Muslim people pray Namaz in the mosque. Every Friday at noon about 5 thousand or more people go to pray Namaz in the historical Shat Gambuj Mosque.

There is a museum in the mosque area which is situated to keep the historical items safe. You can know a lot about the mosque and about the history of 15th century.

Foreigners are charged a little to see the mosque. Though you don’t want to see the museum you’ll have to pay to visit only the mosque. The entry fee is only 50 taka for foreigners including the fee of the museum. Museum is open from 9am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm.

If you go to visit the historical Shat Gambuj Mosque you can also visit some more historical places of Bagerhat. Bagerhat is a city of historical mosques, tombs and temples with some larger ponds which are historical and beautiful too. Rickshaw is available for local movement and it’s enough because all places are near the mosque.

Near the mosque there is only one very good restaurant but no residence is situated here. You can see the whole Bagerhat town in a single day but you’ll have to stay at least a night to visit the whole district. Don’t worry, three very good hotels are in Bagerhat and one is at the Mongla Port.

So don’t miss to visit this wonderful world Heritage mosque quickly. You are bound to be lost in it’s beauty.