Enjoy the Ancient Beauty of One Dome Mosque at Bagerhat

The Mosque made in the earlier period of time. It’s a mosque of the period of Ulugh Khan Jahan Ali. It is situated in the village side of Bagerhat.

The mosque was made many years ago, but still we find how beautiful this is. It is a big and beautiful building. The mosque was created beautifully.

I have personally visited the place & believe me I have enjoyed it lot. The huge structure of the building makes it important. If you go up there, you will see a huge area, because it is almost 150 feet in height. The steps were made by bricks. It looks little different from now a days. But strange things are that how this was created in that time when the technology was not that good.It has mixed colors among which white & reds are mostly used. There is a huge area for the people to say their prayer.

The place where the Muslims say their prayer is a very big place. The decoration is also very good. The cut of stones made it even more beautiful the place is rounded by trees and garden. The fragrance of it will make you feel lot better. There are so many books here that can tell you about all the secrets about the world.

There is a big pond. The people of this town called the pond are Hatai dighi. In the evening the shadow of mosque falls in the water & makes it much more attractive. In the evening various types of birds came here & their singing make us really feel relaxed. As the mosque is a statue of history it is also a decider of beauty.

The one dome has made that much impact that everyday so many people came to see it. The dome has carried the weight of the mosque. You will enjoy the place it is for sure.

Getting In:

Bagerhat district is bounded by Gopalganj District and Narail District on the north, The Bay of Bengal on the south, Gopalganj District, Pirojpur District and Barguna District on the east and Khulna District on the west. Main rivers of the district are Panguchi, Daratana, Madhumati River, Pasur River, Haringhata, Mongla River, Baleswar, Bangra and Goshairkhali. You can go to there from Dhaka using bus. It is almost 430km away from the main town of Dhaka. Not only that you can also go to there by using plane. The plane will land in Jessore. Then from there you can take a transport & then make a trip to Bagerhat. Not only that you can also go there from Rajshahi, Khulna.

From Khulna you have to make a very short trip but from Rajshahi then there is a huge journey ahead of you. But when you will reach there seeing the beauty you will forget all your sufferings that sure. After you reach there you have to make a short trip to reach there. But don’t be tensed there is always accommodation for this. So you don’t have to be panic.

The hotels are a place that needs to be knows because otherwise going there you can be in problems. But the thing I can say to you with very strong guarantee that you will not be in danger because the hotel management & the people of the hotels are really very good. The hotel management is very good here. You can get different types of hotels here. If you want less priced hotel then you will get it & if you want good hotels then there is also no problem. Some of the hotels name is included here-

Hotel Moon, Just beside Govt School.

Hotel Subrooto at Main road.

The food management is also very good. You can get different types of food items there. It won’t be a great problem to find a suitable restaurant for you to eat. The foods are also very delicious. You can get foods also from the resident hotel where you are staying. I think to taste different food items of different restaurant will be a good idea. I am telling from my prospective view that you will enjoy the food.

The transportation medium in the town is Rickshaw. You can also get van there. The quantity of this type of transportation medium is high in the city. So you don’t have to play a waiting game to get that. The rent of them is also not that high so with cheap rate you can travel a bit.

The area will give you a lot of pleasure. You will not feel to leave the city. Believe me it will remove the monotonous type of life & will give you a fresh life. So I think it will good not to delay & make a trip there as soon as possible & make you feel lot better than you were feeling before visiting the place. This will remove your monotonous life that’s sure.

Kushtia: the cultural capital of Bangladesh

Kushtia is a district in Khulna division of western Bangladesh. It is 1621.5 square in area. Lots of cultural and Historical places are in Kushtia.

The history of kushtia comes from the old age. It was in the larger area named Nodia before the separation from India. So many histories had spread here and there in Kushtia.

The most honorable poet, writer and philosopher of the Indian sub continent, Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore has stayed at Shilaidah Kuthibari during the most important time of his carrier. it is a wonderful place to visit.

Lalon Shah was the greatest poet, folk singer and lyric writer, thinker of his age. People and his followers remember him for his wisdom on songs and talks. His songs touch minds, goes from heart to hearts. His tomb and shrine is situated in Kushtia. It is a great place to visit. It has auditorium, library, museum, graveyard, garden and many more.

Tarun’s house is another historical place which is situated just beside of the tomb of Lalon Shah.

Tarun’s father was a Sufi named Samrat Ekdil Shah. The majar of Ekdil Shah is another nice place. There is a high tower inside of a triangle island. From the top of the tower you can see a triangle island named Haripur which is covered with both of the rivers Padma and Goraih. It gives a view which is unbelievable that you’ve not imagined before.

There are two historical and beautiful mosques in Kushtia town. One is Shahi Mosque and the other one is the Baitul Jannat Mosque.

The one and only railway of Bangladesh which is directly connected with India goes over the Kushtia and it was the first railway of Bangladesh, built in Kushtia by the British government in 1860.

There are two historical and old industries in Kushtia. One is the Renwick & Jagneshwar company (1896) and the another is the Mohini Mills (1919). The internal area with the river side of the Renwick & Jagneshwar Company is another beautiful area to see.

The Islamic University of Kushtia is a public varsity of Bangladesh. It is also a historical place. The campus of the university is well decorated, beautiful and green.

The first muslim writer of the Bengali language Mir Mosharraf Hossain is the son of Kushtia. His home is in Kushtia but now you can’t see there anything without a school and a museum.

The municipality building of Kushtia is another historical place which was built in 1886.

There are 4 Hotels with a guest house in which foreigners can stay cause they are good. There are 3 very good restaurants to feed you at reasonable cost.

Kushtia is the capital of culture of Bangladesh. The little district Kushtia is very popular place for tourists to visit for its hidden history.

Majar of Ulugh Khan Jahan Ali: culture of 15th century

Beauty of muslim culture of 15th century is still present here.

The holy grave of the saint Khan Jahan Ali is in Bagerhat, many wonders are around it.

An amazing tour is possible in Bagerhat of Bangladesh to see not only an adventurous graveyard but also some historical but beautiful places. You can find here two of the oldest mosques, the Shat Gambuj Mosque and the one Gambuj Mosque.

In 1442 a muslim saint Ulugh Khan Jahan Ali came in Khalifabad (present Bagerhat) to spread the religion Islam. He used to live on the bank of a river and used to use crocodiles for good works. After his death there was situated a majar around his grave and the river died. But the crocodiles are still there from the time of his death.

Some of the crocodiles of the majar are thousands year old and they does not eat human body without hen and duck. So people can touch them truely without danger and people believe that the crocodiles can make any wish true. I became astonished after touching a crocodile for the first time.

Where the saint is sleeping down there are some strange manners also. The whole majar is decorated in 15th century and the design of former muslim culture is wonderful! The majar is standing here which is made of burn mud from 15th century.

Around the majar there seems like a fair. you can buy things like flute, cap etc. The road transport system is quiet good, available and easy so people come here everyday from different places. You can take an opportunity like me to see the signature of former culture at the majar of Khan Jahan Ali in Bagerhat.

The wind of nearby sea, the trees around a dead river site and the wonders of the majar can’t be neglected by you. Every angle of the environment will attract your sight.