Nilgiri Bangladesh: on the top of the world

It was a full moon of late autumn.

Gentle breeze was blowing down the hill side and thin clouds were hanging around on their way to casual fly. Dimmed through the clouds, silver moon light was rolling down the folds and slopes.

Getting out of the cottage I walked to the end of the hills and looked around. I felt like I was standing on the top of the world at my feet. This is what Nilgiri Bangladesh really is. Now I am going to table before you the beauty of Nilgiri and how to tour there with an account of likely budgets you need to make. I will also mention other places you may visit on way to or return from Nilgiri. Nilgiri Bangladesh’s highest hill resort.

Nilgiri is the highest hill resort of Bangladesh. 47 KM away from Bandarban. If you get on a Bus from Dhaka at around 10 o’clock you will reach Bandarban at dawn. For better freedom one can rent a microbus or car from Dhaka. To save time you can reach Cox’s Bazaar by air for onwards move to Nilgiri by bus or rent a car. You have to stay at Bandarban hotel and next day you can move to Nilgiri. On way you may have a round on Meghla Tourist Spot near Bandarban city. Spend one or two nights at Nil Giri and then return with a night stay at Bandarban. The accommodation in Nilgiri, in fact, makes its difference. Good hotels are there at Bandarban city too. . Accommodation and food for 3 days will cost near tk 10000. Conveyance will depend on means you choose from tk 7000 minimum to maximum tk 11000 if you go by plane to Chittagong.

sadra falls at thanchi bandarban

sadra falls at thanchi bandarban

Nilgiri Bangladesh’s highest hill resort with amazing natural beauty. One can reach Nil Giri by bus, rented car or by a combination of bus and car or plane and car. Good accommodations are available both at Bandarban and Nilgiri. Expenditure may range from tk 17000 to 21000 basing on traveling means and comfort you prefer.

However, you can get me written, your tour will worth the cost you pay. Last but not the least, if you are a foreigner you must take permission from DC, Chittagong to be at Nil giri. Wish you enjoy at Nilgiri.

Nilgiri hill resort booking information.

If you want to go to Nilgiri, Bandarban by train, there are no direct train service. You can go to Chittagong from Dhaka by train and then go to Bandarban by bus. Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule.