Srimangal : The land of two leaves and a bud

If you want to go somewhere close to the nature, a place where peace and calmness prevails then Srimangal is the place to visit. With all the trees and gardens this place manages to remain beautiful with astounding serenity.

Srimangal is said to be the tea capital of Bangladesh. The gentle sloped hills here are very favorable for the tea production. Thus it is so “the land of two leaves and a bud”. It is also called Camellia, green carpet, ocean of green or tea mountain. The trees standing in rows on the hills with narrow streams of water flowing along them create a beautiful picture. Other trees like pineapple, rubber and lemon are planted in between tea trees to lend them required shelter from the sun’s heat. Together all these greens create a very appealing scenery. Besides the aroma there creates an outstanding atmosphere. The thick tea estates and fruit gardens and other surroundings fill the entire area with an amazing tranquility.

Srimangal has large tea estates, even the largest one in the world. Besides the tea gardens one can also see the processing of tea from leaves in the Tea Research Institute.

Among inhabitants of these hills main are the tribal people. They live on the hill tops in close contact with the nature. Manipuri and Khasias are the main tribes of this area. Tourists can visit these tribes to get acquainted to their customs and traditions. Manipuri dance is one of the must-see features of this area. Manipuris are also famous for their traditional weaving. Their handicrafts, shawls, saree, bags, bed covers etc can be bought from local markets. Khasia’s on the other hand are well known for betel leaf cultivation.

Traveling : Buses or cars are good options for the journey. It takes about 3.5 hours to reach Srimangal by bus from Dhaka. From Sylhet it only takes 2 hours. Train service is also available from Dhaka to Srimangal.

Accommodation : There are many hotels and rest houses available for tourists ranging from economic to expensive. So you can easily pick up one accordingly.

Srimangal presents nature in a panoramic view. It should be visited to get closer exposure to the nature.

If you are a nature lover, you would never want to miss out the wonderful experience of this place. It would certainly be a trip which one would remember for quite a long time.

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  2. sadia

    i want to visit sylhet another time…because i missed the real beauty of the place….i went there in summer and that was my fault….

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    Greetings, I like your blog. This is a nice site and I wanted to post a comment to tell you, good job!

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    Awesome site !!! Being an ex-pat for last 27 years I have totally forgotten about my own country (shame on me!). This site is giving me the most wonderful opportunity to get to know my homeland again. Thank you all.

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