Splendid Sunamganj: part – III

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Dolura Memorial :

This memorial is standing as a witness of the respect and admiration to the martyrs of liberation war. Many battles during the liberation were fought in Sunmaganj. Dolura memorial bears evidence of these great battles.

At the feet of the hills, along the flowing river this memento is situated. Some of the martyrs of the battles fought here are buried here. In 1973 this was built to reminiscence particularly 48 of the martyrs of this region.

The calmness here will certainly fill up your mind with great purity and enhance your love for your very own country.

Narayantara Chritstian missionary :

Narayantara Christian Missionary was established with the goal to preach Christian religion among the local tribal people. They also emphasized on spreading the light of education and developing the living standard of these people. With all these objectives in view this missionary was built near Dolura , in a quiet place away from the hustling and busting of the city life. The missionary building possesses beautiful modern architectural features and includes rest house facility. It is completely surrounded by the nature, trees and forests. It is a comforting place to go if you are looking for a break from the monotony of city life.The tranquilizing ambience prevailing all around refreshes the tired mind.

Lafarge Cement Company :

It is one of the mentionable industries available in the region. As the name suggests only the related professionals may seem interested to get inside and see around this entire company area.

But the beautiful environment and magnificent natural scenery inside the company boundary can captivate even a totally uninterested about cement person’s attention.

Remnants of Raja Bijoy Singh’s palace :

It is another interesting place of Sunamganj. Raja Bijoy Singh was once ruler of this land during the 16th century. Now with his reign long gone, ruins of his palace still stand here in Tahirpur. It is a nice place for a short site seeing specially if you are into archeology.

Laurer Garh :

It is simply fascinating for its natural features. It is a border area with hills fitting in different layers, trees with different shades of green and of course a river passing by them. It is an ideal picnic spot for families, friends or tourists.

Although the Laur kingdom was once established here, nothing of that time is left to explore here anymore. For reaching such a beautiful place you can adopt a beautiful and exciting mode of transport: the water way during rainy season. In this way you can also get a magnificent view of the place from the river. It will be easy to hire a speed boat or an engine boat for the ride from Shaheb bari ghat.

Bariker Tila :

Sunamganj is blessed with green lands, hills, rivers, in simple words immense natural beauty. Bariker Tila is such a place where you will discover this beauty. It is adjacent to Tekerghat of Tahirpur. Small hills covered with green trees are the main attraction of this area Lavish greenness throughout the whole area creates a unique experience.

Sukhair kalibari temple :

Sunamganj has many temples. Among them this one is mentionable. The name Sukhair comes from the Nankar rebellion Sukhair of this region. He was one of the very famous freedom fighter during the British reign.

All these elements of Sunamganj indeed make it the Splendid Sunamganj. You should never miss the chance of visiting such a beautiful place.

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