Shagordari A Historical place of Jessore

Shagordari is a famous tourist spot, which is in keshabpur upazela under Jessore district in Khulna Division. Sagordari is famous for the residence of Great poet Michael Modhusudon Datta. This great poet is famous for his wonderful composition of sonnets in Bangla literature.

Michael Modhusudon Datta was born in the year 1824 and died in 1873. This two-storied residence, which is known as Michel Modhusudon museum, is now under the custody of Bangladesh Archeological Department, where you can see the daily usage materials of the great poet.

The location of this historical place is especially famous for natural beauty. This place, which is birth place of Michael Modhusudon Datta. It stands on the bank of Kapotakkho, a famous river of Bangladesh.

Every year from 25-30 January a great mela (exhibition) is organized here, which is called Modhumela need after our beloved poet. A huge crowd comes to Shagordari every year for the occasion of this mela.

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