Make a trip to Puthia bird village where bird and people adore together

It is far infrequent to locate such a place, both rural and urbane areas, where people are habituated to leave bed in the morning hearing tweeting of birds. It will be really amazing for you to visit such a village in Rajshahi and make a vacation with different flying creatures.

In that village, sun shines or not, people begin their working, school goers march for learning, farmers step towards cropland and at dusk wrap up their day’s work by hearing colloquy and chirping of thousands of birds.

Not only in winter, but all the year round the village become abode of thousands of birds, both indigenous and migratory, those have made the pastoral village Pochamaria into a safe asylum.

The bird’s sanctuary attracts lots of bird lovers, from both home and abroad, at village Pochamaria Sanctuary, located some 35-kilometers northeast of Rajshahi city and 15 km West to Natore town.

Villagers also bear profound belief on birds as harbinger of good fortune despite tolerating annoyance of their [birds] damaging of ripened crops, fruits and leafs of trees.

Though their [bird] stupidity and nuisance embarrasses locals enormous and brings many sufferings when they take flight with meals, chicks and fish from wetlands.

The farmers, however, are the best beneficiaries from eco-friendly birds when the creature makes cropland free from harmful insects and crop-killing weeds by eating.

The bird friendly people decided using limited insect-repellents so that birds are not poisoned. This feeling of locals on birds is truly rare and unbelievable.

During fishing session one can see in the village ponds and water bodies that many fish-eating birds flocks here as uninvited guests for appetizing fishes.

If you visit the village and notice entire scene, one could able to get a great test of life.

It’s also very much pleasing as at daytime hundreds of birds are seen collecting foodstuffs at nearby water bodies and wetlands at their own fashion. Birds moves at large during locals busy with their daily works like cultivating, fishing or working.

Country’s eminent ornithologists from different universities, foreign tourists, bird lovers like Japanese visitor Takuma Kurataki, Dubai Zoo Curator, Bangladesh Bird Club Founder president also eminent ornithologist Enam Ul Haque, Dr. Ali Raza Khan however, frequently visits the safe den.

In last March, local Bird Protection Club and Bangladesh Birds Club jointly organized a day long bird fair here to make aware locals about save bird and nature.

Surprisingly, bird-loving villagers have strictly prohibited hunting birds in 42 square kilometer area and declared the village a bird sanctuary.

Any nature lovers with their family members have a nice opportunity to blend with nature and have scope to spend a night with birds if they able to make a trip.

Within 50 minutes one can reach the village amazingly without help of any tourist guide as hundreds of aerial birds along with members of Bird club welcome visitors any season of year!

A good number of cheap-rated residential hotels are available both in Natore town and Rajshahi city for visitors.

The highway communication is very easy, inexpensive and smooth as both motorized and non-motorized vehicles are available from Puthia upazila headquarters (on the Rajshahi-Dhaka highway).

Beside visiting Bird village visitor have scope to peep through nearby archeological and tourist spots like Puthia Jaminder Bari, Uttara Gana Bhaban at Natore town, Tahirpur Jaminder Bari, Rajshahi Barendra Research museum, Sadhonpur Disabled Rehabilitation Center. Those historical spots are surrounded by the bird village and distance of those places within 20 kms.

Chirping of bird attains tranquility in mind that makes alliance with people and real natural life taste.

One can witness many rare mixtures of birds like Oriental Magpie, Turtle Dove, Asian Koel, white and painted stork, herons and owls from very little range of vision.

Any way, visitors should not forget to carry binocular and digital zoomed camera during the trip otherwise one may miss enjoy dancing, feeding and swimming birds either on top of tree or wetlands. So try to avail the opportunity to discover the bird’s heaven at your yard!

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