Neelkuthi at Shahebganj Reminds the Cruelty on Indigo farmers by British Rulers

To enrich the tourism sector in Bangladesh we must visit the unknown places side by side with the fimiliar places.Today I am going to describe you with such a place which will move you with its natural beauty as well as historical importance. The name of the village is Shahebgonj, it is in Chandpur district.

Shahebgonj situated in the South of Chandpur district. Though its a small one, it has great archaeological value. Several archaeological symbols of British period situated here. Those archaeological symbols take you back to the bygone days. You may feel go back several hundred years in the past . A sort of romantic loging may works in you and you wish you were living those days.a visit to Neelkuthi at Shahebganj may remind you about the Neel (Indigo) Cultivation, the cruelty of British rulers and the sorrows and joys of people of those days.


One can easily go to Shahebgoj by bus. You have to go to Shaidabad Bus Terminal and collect a ticket of Dhaka to Raipur route. Just up to the Meghna bridge you may find difficulties with the traffic jam and uproar of the city. After that bus will move to Comilla and the natural scenes around you will make you glad and egar to reach in the destiny like John Denver’s Song ‘Country road take me home to the place I belong’.

After reaching Raipur you will have to take a rickshaw to Shahebgonj. There is no hotel or any other places to stay . So if you have relatives or known ones it will be easy to stay for some days

From Shahebgonj you can easily move to Chandpur where you can enjoy the beauty of mighty river meghna, hilsa fish cathing .

We always move to those places which are well known but to explore the unknown history and beauty of the country we must search new and historiclly important places like Shahebgonj. Travel to such unknown places will enrich our mind as well as open a new horizon to the tourism sector of Bangladesh.

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