MOULVIBAZAR: The Land of Tea Part – III

Memorial of Birshreshtho Hamidur Rahman

This memorial is in Dholoi located on the south-eastern boundary of Srimangal. It is established with a view to protect the memories of Birshreshtho Hamidur Rahman and pay homage to him for his great contribution in the birth if our beloved motherland. On 28th October, 1971 he died as a martyr in the battlefield at Dholoi. His dead body was then buried at Tripura in India. Hamidur Rahman was honored with the highest appellation of Bagladesh – “Bir Sreshtha” for his bravery and sacrifice in the 1971 liberation war. This memorial is built as a reminiscent of this great freedom fighter. Visiting this memorial will take you a long way in realizing the significance of our freedom and the sacrifices made by the then people for achieving it.

Monipuri village

Majority of the Monipuri population of the country lives in Moulvibazar. Adampur and Madhabpur are their main residence. Monipuri Community is famous for their culture and traditions. The Ras Mela is a yearly celebrated festival of the Monipuris. Every year in November which is the beginning of Bengali month of Agrahayan this festival is arranged. People from all around come to visit and enjoy this Mela. Traditional Monipuri costumes ‘Khami’ and their homemade products are exhibited and sold here. Monipuri community makes their clothing themselves. Almost every family there owns a handloom. It is a part of their culture to weave their own cloths. Besides Khami they produce various other products like – shawl, sari, bedsheets and bags. These products have great demand in all parts of the country and abroad. Even if you don’t visit the Ras Mela or the Monipuri village itself you can find these Monipuri products in local markets of the town.

The Monipuri community is also renowned for their dance. Their unique dance reflects their tradition and heritage. If you are visiting this part of the world, you shouldn’t miss the chance of watching Monipuri dance. More information about this ethnic community can be obtained at the Monipuri Culture Academy in Madhabpur.

Damaged gas field at Magurchara

Back in 1997 a devastative accident occurred while the exploration in one of the wells in Magurchara gas field. The explosion cost too much from the environment, it denuded about 700-acre reserved forest, destroyed 10 tea gardens and hampered greatly the lives of numerous workers and tribal people living nearby. Though measures have been taken to improve the conditions, evident to this major accident are still seen in the location of the accident. In these 13 years this place has become a spot where people might go to find out the direct negative impacts of human actions on the nature.
Any local transport, rent a car or taxi, can easily take you here.

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