Madhabkundo: Fountain of charm

Madhabkundo is one of the most fascinating tourist spots in Sylhet. The waterfall here makes the surroundings a unique one.

Madhabkundo is famous for its waterfall. It is the biggest waterfall of Bangladesh. This waterfall carries million tons of water which fall from a height of 200

ft every day. As the water comes from ground resource, it is much cold in all the weather. You can sit on the stones scattered all around with your feet in the flowing water and listen to the sound of the waterfall in the quietness of the surroundings. This would leave you with an amazing feelings of the beautiful nature. Around this fall large black boulders are scattered. All these in combination with each other portrait a magnificent scenery.

Like other parts of Sylhet Madhabkundo is also surrounded by a

variety of greens. The journey to Madhabkundo is an exotic one. The lush green carpet, the hills and the zigzag road through the hills on the way to the waterfalls enhance the beauty of the landscape. The sides of the road is also surrounded by terraced tea-gardens which add to the variety of the greens of this region.

Everyday a large number of people come to visit this place. Picnic parties even from Dhaka are also commonly seen here. This is because the journey from capital city  does not take much time.

Traveling : Bus, train service both are available for the travel. You can go by bus or car to Madhabkundo from Sylhet. From Dhaka also buses run to Madhabkundo. You can also use train from Dhaka In that case you need to get off at the Kulaura station and travel a short distance to reach Madhabkundo by a microbus or car. Rent a car service are available here.

Accommodation : There are some hotels where variety of services are available. A Parjatan Motel

with a good restaurant for accommodation and food facility is available here. For adventurous feelings you can also stay in a district council bungalow.

Madhabkundo is the most beautiful waterfall of the country. Its beauty will certainly charm the visitors.

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