The Lawachara Rain Forest: Where Wildlife Can Breathe Safely

It is one of the most important rain forest and major reserve of Bangladesh. To preserve the wildlife the government declared as a national park in 1997.

Photo credit: Nazimgarh Resorts

The park is home to a large diversity of about 460 species among which 167 are plants, 4 amphibian species, 6 reptile species, 246 bird species and 20 mammal species. Bee-eater owls, parrots are found here. So for bird watchers it is a must to visit this place.

Hoolock gibbons, highly endangered in Bangladesh, are also seen here jumping from one tree to another. Leopards, deer, wild chicken, wild bore, squirrel, python, even king cobra are among the other inhabitants of this forest. Besides these animals one rare type of Chloroform tree of Asia is found here.

Visitors can enjoy hiking and walking to indulge themselves in the nature close to the wildlife using the numerous trails in the forest.

The hill tops of this forest are the home for different tribal peoples. Khasias and Manipuris are the main inhabitants here. Tourists can visit these tribes to get acquainted to their customs and traditions. Manipuri dance is one of the must-see features of this area. Manipuris are also famous for their traditional weaving. Their handicrafts, shawls, saree, bags, bed covers etc can be bought from local markets. Khasia’s on the other hand are well known for betel leaf cultivation.


Taking a bus from Sylhet town may take you to the destination in or about 2hours. Or one can manage to go from Srimangal also. It will take 3.5hours to reach Srimangal from Dhaka and a few minutes from there to the forest. Train service from Dhaka to Srimangal is also available.


Visitors can spend their nights in hotels, bungalows or resorts in Srimangal.

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