Kushtia: the cultural capital of Bangladesh

Kushtia is a district in Khulna division of western Bangladesh. It is 1621.5 square in area. Lots of cultural and Historical places are in Kushtia.

The history of kushtia comes from the old age. It was in the larger area named Nodia before the separation from India. So many histories had spread here and there in Kushtia.

The most honorable poet, writer and philosopher of the Indian sub continent, Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore has stayed at Shilaidah Kuthibari during the most important time of his carrier. it is a wonderful place to visit.

Lalon Shah was the greatest poet, folk singer and lyric writer, thinker of his age. People and his followers remember him for his wisdom on songs and talks. His songs touch minds, goes from heart to hearts. His tomb and shrine is situated in Kushtia. It is a great place to visit. It has auditorium, library, museum, graveyard, garden and many more.

Tarun’s house is another historical place which is situated just beside of the tomb of Lalon Shah.

Tarun’s father was a Sufi named Samrat Ekdil Shah. The majar of Ekdil Shah is another nice place. There is a high tower inside of a triangle island. From the top of the tower you can see a triangle island named Haripur which is covered with both of the rivers Padma and Goraih. It gives a view which is unbelievable that you’ve not imagined before.

There are two historical and beautiful mosques in Kushtia town. One is Shahi Mosque and the other one is the Baitul Jannat Mosque.

The one and only railway of Bangladesh which is directly connected with India goes over the Kushtia and it was the first railway of Bangladesh, built in Kushtia by the British government in 1860.

There are two historical and old industries in Kushtia. One is the Renwick & Jagneshwar company (1896) and the another is the Mohini Mills (1919). The internal area with the river side of the Renwick & Jagneshwar Company is another beautiful area to see.

The Islamic University of Kushtia is a public varsity of Bangladesh. It is also a historical place. The campus of the university is well decorated, beautiful and green.

The first muslim writer of the Bengali language Mir Mosharraf Hossain is the son of Kushtia. His home is in Kushtia but now you can’t see there anything without a school and a museum.

The municipality building of Kushtia is another historical place which was built in 1886.

There are 4 Hotels with a guest house in which foreigners can stay cause they are good. There are 3 very good restaurants to feed you at reasonable cost.

Kushtia is the capital of culture of Bangladesh. The little district Kushtia is very popular place for tourists to visit for its hidden history.

12 thoughts on “Kushtia: the cultural capital of Bangladesh

  1. Shaymol

    Nice place to visit. I wish I could visit Kushtia someday. But i didnt see about the transport facilities i.e. how can i go there from Dhaka? Is there any train service (i like train journey :D) from Dhaka or i have to look for bus service ?

    • Sultan Ahmed

      From Dhaka kallayanpur bus station too much bus
      Daily cmming to kushtia/Railway kamlapur orAirport Station leave
      “sundarban express”

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  3. Sheikh Mohiuzzaman MOUSUM Post author

    Buses are available from Dhaka. There are many cheap comfortable companies on Dhaka-Kushtia Highway. Railway is also connected from Dhaka to Kushtia. So it’s very easy to visit Kushtia, the Beautiful district from the Capital city Dhaka.

  4. Ikram Parwaise

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    Thanking you, See u.Bye…..Ikram Parwaise

  5. Muzammel khan

    I am very excited to born at kushtia . And thanks a lot to this website. I want to you provid more information about our kushtia.


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