Imam house at Murli holds the memory of Hazi Muhammad Mohsin

It contains the history of a greatest man named Hazi Muhammad Mohsin.  The house is a place where all your tension will go away from you. The place has a decorative area with little history behind it.

Getting Around:

The place is just some distance away from the main town. There is an open vast space where you can sit & make you feel little bit relaxed. The place is so much beautiful that it will take you close to nature. It was first used as a place to do some official work but now a day it has became a place of interest. The place is surrounded with different types of trees that have made the place a treatable place. There is a rest house in there where you can take rest. Almost in every day lots of people come from different directions to see the place.

There is a small market where you can find different types of items that are related to the place. The place is really a nice place that is very charming. The place made hell of business there. The place made a really good impression for them who used to make a good place to visit. So I think without delaying a bit you should visit the place.

It was made by Hazi Muhammad Mohsin. The beautiful combination of nature has enriched the beauty of it to a different level. So I think without delaying a bit you should visit the place.

Getting in:

It is in Khulna district. You can go there from Dhaka by bus or train or air. The three medium communications are really good there. As it is almost 350 km away from Dhaka so it will take almost 6 hours to reach there. The train journey is also cool. The trains are very impressive. You can go to Jessore in train in 7hours but without feeling any kind of stress because of the system. The air journey will also make you feel easy. Not only that you can also go there from Rajshahi or Khulna. Mainly the transportation system is really good. After reaching there you have to make a short trip to go there. But don’t panic. You will always get taxi. So it’s intelligent to make a trip there.

The hotel management is very good here. You can get different types of hotels here. If you want less priced hotel then you will get it & if you want good hotels then there is also no problem. The people that are responsible to watch it are really very much friendly. You will feel great when you will be here. Some of the hotels name is included here-

Hotel Sojoni at main road

Hotel Moharothi at Main road

The food management is also very good. You can get different types of food items there. It won’t be a great problem to find a suitable restaurant for you to eat. The foods are also very delicious. You can get foods also from the resident hotel where you are staying. I think to taste different food items of different restaurant will be a good idea. I am telling from my prospective view that you will enjoy the food.

The transportation medium in the town is Rickshaw. You can also get van there. The quantity of this type of transportation medium is high in the city. So you don’t have to play a waiting game to get that.

The area will give you a lot of pleasure. You will not feel to leave the city. Believe me it will remove the monotonous type of life & will give you a fresh life. So I think it will good not to delay & make a trip there as soon as possible.

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  1. hasnain mansur

    I think this is a great entrepreneurship. I highly appreciate with this site. Lets together represent our country in abroad. Please carry on your activities ..

  2. Best natural wonder

    I am greatly surprised to see your enterprising. We all are want that our country will appear in travel and tourism symbol in the world.


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