Homestead of King Keshab Roy: Pride of the History of Narail.

Honest-to-god constructions on over-the-top laurel wreath arrived at it an avid base to call. Call in them & check them yourself.

Getting Around:

The place is mainly a place in the time of great prince Keshab Roy.  He used to be a great king & always used to help the poor. The place was first a place where the prince with his all power lived. The buildings were used to be very big.

The building house is very charming. The decoration will make you surprised also. The interior decoration is also good. The furniture is really expensive. You will get to see different types of furniture here. They will feel great. After walking sometimes there is a pond. There are so many trees beside it & so many sitting places. In the evening the fresh air of here makes you feel really great. You can also see a temple here. Maybe the people of here were in the Hindu religion. They maybe used to say their prayers here.

The area is huge. You need to walk a lot to complete seeing whole house. The area is also covered with trees. The big trees tell you how old they are. Their beauty can be seen from here also. In a word if you ask me I can say that you will feel really great here.

Getting in:

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Schedule.

Narail District is in Khulna Division. It is bounded by Magura District on the north, Khulna District on the south, Faridpur District and Gopalganj District on the east, and by Jessore District on the west. Main rivers are Madhumati, Nabaganga, Bhairab, Chitra and Kajla. If you want to go there from Dhaka then you may use bus. It will take mostly 5 hours to reach the place. The journey will not bother you as the road system is too much good. So don’t be tensed. Not only that you can also go there from Khulna or Rajshahi. It will take a little bit more to go from Rajshahi than from Khulna. After your reaching you have to make a short trip to reach there. But one thing that I can say from personal point of view that is you will not feel bad to complete the journey.

After reaching there the first problem would be where to stay. To solve it here are little bit help from me. The hotel management is very good here. You can get different types of hotels here. If you want less priced hotel then you will get it & if you want good hotels then there is also no problem. Some of the hotels name is included here-

  • Hotel Dilshad at Main road
  • Hotel Ria at just beside of market

There are so many special foods there that you can eat. If you are a food lover then believe me it s a perfect place for you. But if you are not a food lover then believe me if you stay there some days then you will become a food lover. The food is also good. You can eat lots of variety here. As it is in backside of the city, so most of the foods are made in pure ingredients. So we can enjoy the food very much from here.

You can travel from one place to another by Rickshaw or van. It’s available here. So you don’t have to play waiting game for it. Not only that it’s also cheap. But I think its better to walk so you can see all the things well.

Maybe some one may call it that it is so far from the city. But the thing is if you want something beautiful to see then you have to make some work. So without delaying visit it & make the most use of it.

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  1. zorro

    looks interesting could you tell me more about this place and specially about raja keshab if possible.


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