Hason Raja Museum: A tribute to the great mystic poet

Sunamganj has been bestowed with numerous poets and literates. The abundant beauty of the nature may be considered as the source of inspiration to these hundreds of mystic poets and artists. Hason Raja was one of them. He not only made his region Sunamganj but also his whole country famous through his thoughtful writing skill. His memories are carefully preserved at the Hason Raja Mueseum.

Hason Raja (1854 -1921) is one of the most well-known mystic poets of Bangladesh. He was a successor of Raja jamidar family. He became the owner of vast property at a young age but proved his capability through the extension of own territory. He was very popular because of his giving nature. In the beginning of his reign he indulged himself in enjoyment and lived an uncontrolled lavish life. Afterwards he realized the deeper meaning of life and the darker side of the lavish life he was leading. Then he devoted himself in writing poetry and songs besides ruling his property and soldiers. His writings reflect his thoughtfulness about emotions related to nonmaterial things of life. Being impressed, Rabindranath Tagore praised his writing skills.

To preserve this great poet’s memories the Hason Raja Mueseum was established. It is another place to see when you are visiting Sunamganj. It is situated at a place called Taghoria along the bank of Surma river. It used to be the ancestral house of Hason Raja. Later the museum was established here. All of Hason Raja’s writings are kept in this museum. Many objects like : sword, pagri(turban), plate, clothes, books and handwritten manuscript of songs and poems are exhibited here.

Hason Raja’s sons earned some of their father’s qualities. They also explored in different branches of literature and art. Thus along with many of Hason Raja’s belongings you can also find some exhibits of Hason Raja’s sons and other Rajas of the clan.

Hason Raja was buried in his family graveyard known as Gazir Dorga. It is also visited by a lot of people visiting Sunamganj.

Hasan Raja Musuem Photo Credit and More informaiton in Bangla.

Travelling :

It is easy to go to Hason Raja’s museum. You can either go by car or local richshaw. If you take a car from Traffic point of the town it will only take about 5minutes to reach the museum.

Accommodation :

As the museum is not far from the Sunamganj town, you can arrange for your accommodation in the town and visit the museum from there. This is suggested because there is no known accommodation facility adjacent to the museum unless you have a relative residing there.

The contribution of Hason Raja in our country’s literature cannot be repaid. This museum is a symbol of the respect and appreciation the people have for him and his writings.

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