Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Schedule (updated on October 08, 2017).

There are few trains that go to Chittagong from Dhaka everyday. The Dhaka to Chittagong trains are Subarna Express, Mohanagar Provati, Mohanagar Godhuli, Mohanagar Express, Sonar Bangla Express, Turna Express, Chittagong Mail, Karnaphuli express and Chattala express. Some trains have a weekly off day.

Train Name [Train Number] Off day From Departure To Arrival
Subarna Express (inter city) [702] Monday Dhaka 3:00pm Chittagong 08:10pm
Mohanagar Provati (inter city) [704] None Dhaka 7:45am Chittagong 1:50pm
Mohanagar Express (inter city) [722] Sunday Dhaka 9:00pm Chittagong 4:30am
Turna Express (inter city) [742] None Dhaka 11:30pm Chittagong 6:20am
Sonar Bangla Express (inter city) [788] Wednesday Dhaka 7:00am Chittagong 12:20pm
Chittagong mail [2] None Dhaka 10:30pm Chittagong 7:25am
Karnaphuli express [4] None Dhaka 8:30am Chittagong 6:00pm
Chattala Express [68] Tuesday Dhaka 1:00pm Chittagong 8:50pm

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Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule.

Train Off day From Departure To Arrival
Subarna Express (inter city) [701] Monday Chittagong 7:00am Dhaka 12:10pm
Mohanagar Goduli (inter city) [703] None Chittagong 3:00pm Dhaka 9:10pm
Mohanagar Express (inter city) [721] Sunday Chittagong 12:30pm Dhaka 7:00pm
Turna Express (inter city) [741] None Chittagong 11:00pm Dhaka 5:25am
Sonar Bangla Express (inter city) [787] Tuesday Chittagong 5:00pm Dhaka 10:10pm
Dhaka mail [1] None Chittagong 10:30pm Dhaka 6:55am
Karnaphuli express [3] None Chittagong 10:00am Dhaka 7:45pm
Chattala Express [67] Tuesday Chittagong 8:15am Dhaka 3:45pm

Railway has improved a lot lately in terms of timing. You can also track train using your mobile phone. To know a train’s current location, go to your mobile’s message option and type TR followed by <Train Number> and send to 16318. In return SMS, you will get details information like the following screenshot.

Note that, Train Number is different for the same train for it’s direction. For example, Subarna Express is 702 when it goes from Dhaka to Chittagong. But it’s 701 when it goes from Chittagong to Dhaka.

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