COX’S BAZAR: A sea beach could not get better! – Part 2

Try spending a full day here at Inani beach.

As the daylight starts to fade, get yourself seated facing west. You are about to experience something you have never experienced before as beautifully. The red hot sun will come down into the horizon. It would seem very close to you and you might feel like running into the see and touch it. Well words are not enough to describe the scene or the feeling. You must come and see it yourself. Spending time there as it starts to get dark is never a waste of time as the darkness will sharpen your ears and you will be able to listen to the sounds you could not notice so far, the sound of waves this cox’s bazar sea beach crushing into sand, the sound of wind blowing through the trees, sounds of unknown birds! You could enjoy the sea in moonlight or you could celebrate life watching the stars in crystal clear sky!

Colorful ornaments shelves in a stall at Cox's bazar sea beach

Colorful ornaments shelves in a stall at Cox’s bazar sea beach

There are several other things you could do during your stay at Cox’s Bazar specially new  cox’s bazar sea beach. If you are a shopping lover then you are in luck. There are unique things you could buy. Ornaments made of colourful shells are available everywhere. You could buy handmade tribal clothes and handicrafts. You could also buy different pickles and spices if you like.

The better hotels offer alcohol. If you need to put off your thirst. But you might not find your favorites here if you are an enthusiastic and the service quality might not be up to your expectations. The prices might be higher than you expect.

food at mermaid cafe in cox's bazar

food at mermaid cafe in cox’s bazar

One of the best parts of Cox’s Bazar Sea beach is the food of this place. You can find almost anything here starting from tribal, local, traditional Bangladeshi to International such as Thai or Chinese food here. So if your stomach is ready to take anything then jump in, throw it a challenge and take the taste of your lifetime!

The easiest way to get around places is by rickshaw.

The fare should not be more than 20 BDT in most cases. The rickshaw pullers tend to demand more from the foreigners so this is something to be careful of.


There are places as beautiful you could visit if you have enough time around Cox’s Bazar sea beach such as Maheshkali, Ramu, Sonadia Island, Teknaf and many more. Each place is worth visiting if you can manage!

So if you are looking for a travel destination you have already found it. Please don’t think twice before coming to Cox’s Bazaar sea beach, a natural wonder, as this could be an experience of a lifetime and a story you would love to tell in many years to come!

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