COX’S BAZAR: A sea beach could not get better! – Part 1

Ever thought of visiting a beach that never ends?

cox's bazar sea beach that never ends.

Cox’s bazar sea beach that never ends.

Where cliffs tower up here and there, waves come crashing into you and you could shop for handmade clothes or enjoy mouthwatering seafood? All these things come in one great package; Cox’s Bazaar! Cox’s bazar sea beach!

Let me take you there through this article!

Cox’s bazar sea beach is nearly 150 km away from the port district Chittagong. You could take a flight to Cox’s bazaar or you could take a direct luxurious bus to your destination from the capital Dhaka. There are several very luxurious bus services you could take and this is the most convenient way to go there as flights might not be available all the time. Moreover what adds to your advantage is that you would not need to change transport. It should take about 9 hours to reach there by bus.

luxurious buses go to cox's bazar

luxurious buses go to cox’s bazar

Cox's bazar airport

Cox’s bazar airport

Please don’t get bored just to see the duration of the journey because you would not get the chance to get bored while you are travelling. The countryside might be more beautiful than most of the places you have visited before; take full advantage of the journey and enjoy it. The part from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar is likely to take your breath away as the road twists around hills and forest going upwards and downwards. There’s no need to be afraid, the journey is as safe as any you have encountered!

coxsbazar seagull hotel

coxsbazar seagull hotel

Hold your breath as your bus enters the town, the road slopes down and you would suddenly see the sea. For a moment or two you might find yourself wishing that the bus goes on right into the cox’s bazar sea beach but sadly it will turn right! It is recommended to make a reservation in a hotel in advance during the winter as walk-ins could be hard to find in quality hotels and motels. Don’t waste your time, freshen up and go out there. Admire the beauty of the longest beach of the world. There is a small problem if you are a foreign visitor. The locals might show interest in more than you would like. There is a workaround, an exciting and beautiful workaround!

Inani sea beach at Cox's bazar

Inani sea beach at Cox’s bazar

Take a ride and go about 32 km south of the town, you are likely to find Inani beach, where golden sand goes on for about 100 miles unbroken! The bay of Bengal in front of your eyes, you standing on golden sand and steep hills before your eyes if you turn around; what more could you want? Yes there could be one more thing that you would like; a stream! Don’t be surprised when I say there is small fountain that comes down the hills in walking distance. Yes this is Cox’s Bazar! the complete package! The inani sea beach near cox’s bazar sea beach is much less crowded and ideal for sea baths and perhaps a picnic.

This is just a part of things you could do here. There is more to come!

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If you want to go to cox’s bazar by train, there are no direct train service. You can go to Chittagong from Dhaka by train and then go to Cox’s bazar by bus from Chittagong. Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule.

23 thoughts on “COX’S BAZAR: A sea beach could not get better! – Part 1

  1. Beni Madhob

    I have visited cox’s bazar long ago (almost 10 years) when I was in Bangladesh. Didn’t knew about the inani beach. is it quite?
    Glad to know that cox’s bazar has good hotels. When i visited last time, hotels were not international standard. Will you tell me how much it will cost to visit cox’s bazar for 1 night and 2 days? what are the ways to go from calcutta?

  2. Aminul Islam Sajib

    Nicely written.

    I’ve visited Cox’s Bazar twice and I couldn’t get satisfied. It’s like never willing to come back to the city life. If I had enough money, I would have headed to Cox’s Bazar once in every month or two.

    • Ron

      I am happy to know that you liked our site. Please do not hesitate any comments/suggestions here to improve this website. You can also write posts in this website as guest author with dofollow links.

      I wish journey to cox's bazar from Dhaka will be very easier one day. Right now the cheapest option for you is,

      – journey by train from dhaka to chittagong at turna nishitha that leaves Dhaka at 11pm and reach Chittagong at 7am. The fare is only 150 taka for general class. I enjoy train journey better than bus and train journey is also safer.

      – Then go to bahaddarhat bus station to catch bus to Cox's bazar from Chittagong rail station by local bus, its available, there is no busy traffic, the fare is only ~10 tk and it will take ~25 minutes plus as a bonus enjoy the beautiful road at tigerpass.

      – From Bahaddarhat bus stand, you will get bus that goes to Cox's bazar. These direct buses are of average service quality. The fare is 170 taka and will take 4 hours to drop you straight to the cox's bazar sea beach. Tickets are available. If you reach at Bahaddarhat bus stand by 7.30 am, I would suggest you to buy a ticket for the bus that will leave the station at 8.00 am, so that you will get some time to have your breakfast in a local restaurant there.

      – so the one way cost is (150 + 10 + 170) = 330 taka for bus/train fare. If you return the same way, total fare is 660 taka. For a 2 day tour during weekend, you will need approximately 300 taka for food. and if you go now, you will get a hotel room for 300 taka for one night. So your total cost is 1260 taka. If you take one of your friends or your wife's company (Who wants a tour alone!), it will take (1260*2-300) taka, because you will share the same room. And if you go with a group, the cost is even lower. This calculation is based on the assumption that, you want to travel cheap like me!

      I am going to cox's bazar this week, on friday for a 2 day trip with school friends (almost 25). If you want to join, just give me a call 🙂

  3. K. M. Fazly Rabby Post author

    to answer your questions-
    Yes inani beach is comparatively a lot quieter.
    There are many International standard hotels now.
    You could take a direct bus or train to Dhaka (very much available) or you could take a flight.

    Hotel stay will cost you around 4000-8000 bdt during winter and 3000-6500 during summer depending on quality. You would find decent rooms for about 2000 BDT per night .
    Thank you and hope you’ll visit soon!

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  6. sadia

    anek din hoye galo cox’s bazar giyechi..abar kobe jabo???protidin kato shapno dekhi tomak niye…missing u sea beach…next bar ishaallah anek time niye tomar shathe thakbo..ok??

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