Chittagong Naval beach: beauty of a river meeting the sea

Naval academy sea beach, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Naval academy sea beach, Chittagong, Bangladesh (photo by Babulal (Ain Sunny))

Want to enjoy the beauty of a river meeting the sea? The port city Naval beach is a must visit! Chittagong hosts many naturally beautiful places, but the Naval Beach is a stand out which is not talked of very often.

The Naval Beach is not that much popular as it is not considered as traditional travel destinations such as sea beaches, mountains or waterfalls. But trust me; you would not be able to deny its beauty having seen it!

I would recommend starting the journey, which should not take more than 40 minutes from city center, in the afternoon so it is late afternoon when you reach there. The journey itself would become a pleasure as the road runs along the river and wonderful riverside sceneries!  Suddenly you might find yourself lost into the vastness of the sea when the road takes a steep turn and the riverbanks seem to vanish into the near horizon. You would not be able to praise the sunset here but you will certainly enjoy the river and sea glowing red!

The whole thing gets a whole lot better as the night falls. The twilight created by the lights coming from the docked or mid-river ships is sure to give you an unearthly feeling! The cool sea air into your hair would give you somewhat heavenly experience. It is hard to keep track of time and you will only realize that it is getting late when your stomach starts to growl in hunger. Not to worry, you could satisfy it with some mouthwatering food from restaurants nearby!

The good thing about visiting Chittagong Naval beach is that you can visit some other beautiful places like Potenga

Beach, Foy’s Lake, Vatiari Eco park, hilltop canteen etc. Going to naval beach from Chittagong main city can be easier. You could take a bus, train or even airplane if you wish to! If you don’t have your own ride, you could take a CNG; the fair is not more than 100 tk. There are many hotels in Chittagong where you can stay for the duration of your visit. The city, specially the naval beach is safer than any part of this country even late into the night, so security is not a headache. It would be better not to plan the travel on a Friday as too much crowd is likely to ruin your holyday.

So do not waste another vacation! Go out there and enjoy whatever the Port city Chittagong has to offer and I am telling you, your vacation is not long enough to take all of it!

Dhaka to chittagong train schedule.

18 thoughts on “Chittagong Naval beach: beauty of a river meeting the sea

  1. K. M. Fazly Rabby Post author

    yeah you should…and plz onek raat poronto thakar chesta korben( if possible) !!

  2. watch beach

    Chittagong Naval beach beauty of a river meeting the sea best post. I has been collection in my blog. 2010/08/08

  3. sadia

    jabo jabo jabo jabo jab…
    shagorer jole mora chute berabo…
    batasher shathe mora ure chole jabo…
    kobe jabo naval beach e….?

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  5. Niloynilav

    আমি দেখেছি চট্টগ্রাম নেভাল বীচ বেড়ানোর জন্য খুবই সুন্দর একটা জায়গা, বিশেষ করে সন্ধ্যার পর অনেক মনোরম মনে হয়

  6. Kal Majumdar

    zodio ami 32+ yrs Florida-y (south of USA) achhi ebong Florida-r tin pasher asonkhyo beach-e asonkhyobar giyechhi, tobuo agami February maase Noakhali-r kaaj sere Cox Bajarer kachhakachi bikhyato beach-gulote zabo, sokal sondhyay beach-e hanTbo, prochur photo tulbo, jol khub ThanDa na hole somudro snan korbo, aar peT vore maachh vaat khabo.
    🙂 ilish o golda chingri zodi paoya zaay, tahole hoyto beach-er hotel-ei koyekdin theke zabo 🙂

    • Mahbub E Elahi Ron

      কাকা, ইলিশ আর গলদা চিংড়ি এদেশে প্রায় সারাবছর পাওয়া যায়| যত ইচ্ছে তত খাবেন 🙂

      এদেশে এসে কক্সবাজার না গেলে মনে হবে অনেক বড় কিছু পাওয়া থেকে বঞ্চিত হলেন|

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      You should visit Cox’sbazar as a must when you are here or you will feel like you missed the big thing.
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