How to buy train ticket online

Purchase train ticket online

To purchase train ticket online, at first you need to register your details at Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing Service.

  • Go to
  • Enter your name as Passenger Name (as per your national ID)
  • Enter your email address (Must be a valid email address)
  • Choose and Enter your password.
  • Enter your valid address.
  • Enter your cellphone number (Must be a valid number. After registration, you will need to activate the account using the code texted to you. And you can open only one account using your mobile number.)
  • All information must be valid and true.

Now activate your account.

After activating login to your account.

After login, click on ‘Purchase Ticket‘.

  • Select ‘station from’ – from where you will board into the train. After selecting ‘station from’, wait until journey date and station to is available to select. (See screenshot below)
  • Select your journey date.
  • Select ‘station to’ – your destination. After selecting ‘station to’, please wait until available ‘class’ is loaded.
  • Select your desired train seat class/type or train coach class/type. Bangladesh train seat class details 
  • Now click on ‘Search Train’ button. It will display you available ticket information. If tickets are available, you will be able to purchase ticket using your visa/master card. Please note that, your bank account or credit card must have online purchasing enabled (contact your bank to enable this, if not enabled already)




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