Bagerhat: little town near the sea where history of 600 years is hidden

Bagerhat is one of the most popular historical towns of Bangladesh which is in Khulna division.

In 15th century a saint named Khan Jahan Ali came here in Khalifabad (present Bagerhat). He constructed a muslim colony and for this he made mosques and many more. It is the reason for why people visit there. Among some villages and so many natural views you can see the wonderful places too.

It is not only near to a sea port named Mongla but also directly connected with the divisional city, Khulna.

Most of the historical places are situated beside the main street. The Majar is 2 kilometers from the Shat Gambuj Mosque (Sixty Dome Mosque) and the mosque is beside of the main road.

Shat Gambuj Masjid, which means a mosque with 60 domes, was constructed in 1449. Though the mosque has 77 squade domes, traditionally it is called as sixty dome mosque. There is a museum in the mosque area. Foreigners have to pay a small entrance fee of BDT 50 to visit the mosque. The museum beside the mosque is open from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

Khan Jahan Ali’s tomb is one of the main attractions of Bagerhat. Everyday many visitors come here to pay respects for the holy saint. It is at the south of the main road and about 4km from the main bus stop. The tomb is decorated with colorful clothes. Most of the women pay respects there. There are some other mosques here and there inside the town and most of them are single domed. If you’ve not a specific interest, they’ll not be interesting.

Near of the dorga there are so many tiny shops but you can’t buy anything without prayer beads and some little trinkets.

There are some little dhabas near of the bus station. You’ll have to think once about food quality before taking.

Two lackluster budget hotels are there in north of bus stand, near of the river. It’s no needed to stay night there cause it takes about two hours to visit here.


3 thoughts on “Bagerhat: little town near the sea where history of 600 years is hidden

  1. ron

    As far I know, the sixty dome mosque has been declared as UN Heritage. I didn’t visit the place, but will visit soon.

    Nice article. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Syed Ahmed Ali.

    MY family are one the most oldest muslim family I proud of my birth place is Bagherhat.Forty six
    Year’s living in abrod,yet my hert with Bagherhat & the people.


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